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Seven Advantages of Buying Your Bridge Crane from a US Manufacturer

Are you looking at buying a bridge crane manufactured in the United States? If you are, you likely have some questions about the advantages of buying locally. Here are the top-seven advantages of going with a US-based bridge crane manufacturer.

1. No disruptions with the supply chain

One of the greatest advantages to sourcing your next bridge crane from a US-based manufacturer is speed of delivery. COVID-19 has slowed down and depleted interconnected, global supply chains. The virus has resulted in the uneven delivery of steel and other raw materials to manufacturers, stalling production. COVID-19 has also put pressure on transportation networks, slowing shipments, limiting delivery possibilities, and inflating delivery costs.

US-based manufacturers of bridge cranes, on the other hand, particularly those who use US-made steel, are not seeing their supply chains disrupted to the same degree as overseas manufacturers are. When you source your bridge cranes from US-based manufacturers, you limit your exposure to raw material shortages, delivery delays and inflated costs.

2. Spare parts availability

Another advantage of sourcing your bridge cranes from manufacturers based in the United States is increased availability of spare parts and crane components. Naturally, when you order a spare part from a crane manufacturer who is also in the United States, you can expect to receive that spare part much sooner than you will if you have to order it from a manufacturer who is thousands of miles and multiple time zones away.

3. Quick service response times

Speaking of time zones, service response times are also faster when you are dealing with a bridge crane manufactured in the USA. Whether you are on the west coast or the east coast, you are going to find that the majority of US-based bridge crane manufacturers are open when you’re open.

US-based bridge crane manufacturers are going to answer your calls and reply to your emails much sooner than manufacturers are who are based halfway around the world. Working with a US-based manufacturer increases your comfort level because you know that help is always just a call away. Plus, the people on the end of the phone will speak English fluently.

4. High levels of maintenance responsiveness

What is true for service response times is also true for maintenance responsiveness. A bridge crane manufacturer who is based in the United States will be much faster when it comes to sending maintenance staff to your facility. US manufacturers don’t have to deal with immigration restrictions, visas, work permits or any of the other hassles that overseas manufacturers face when sending maintenance crews to your site.

5. Local market experience

Another thing you must consider when choosing between a bridge crane manufacturer in the US versus one from overseas is their level of knowledge and experience with the US market in general and with your industry in particular.

US-based crane manufacturers are familiar with US manufacturing standards, US safety regulations, US labor laws, US environmental regulations and other issues that directly affect how and where you can locate and operate your bridge crane. Furthermore, leading crane manufacturers are members and thought leaders within reputable organizations such as MHI, CMAA, and OSHA.

6. Shorter lead times

When you source your bridge crane, spare parts and crane components from a US-based manufacturer, you shorten your lead times. US-based manufacturers save you time in the production process because they are hours—not days—away. This makes you more agile, accelerates the sales process and helps you forecast more accurately.

7. Supporting the US economy

Buying your bridge crane from a US-based manufacturer stimulates the US economy. US-based manufacturers create jobs for Americans. They pay taxes that subsidize everything from highways to schools to national defense to drinking water. Buying American benefits every American.


Buying your bridge cranes from a US-based manufacturer has many advantages. If you are in the market for a bridge crane, consider GH Cranes & Components, the US-based manufacturer of a full range of standard and custom-engineered overhead cranes and crane kits. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, all of our steel is purchased from US suppliers further ensuring quality and reliability.