Core+ Stability

Core+ Stability


GH Cranes & Components offers an effective material-handling system that ensures enhanced load stability at higher speeds.

Our innovative solution CORE+ Stability ensures

  • Efficient transportation of all types of hoists, cranes and trolleys.
  • Optimized handling of loads.
  • Smooth acceleration and minimal load sway.
  • Easy configuration and crane monitoring via a handy touch-screen system.
  • Seamless retrofitting of existing cranes as the CORE+ unit is fastened to the electrical panel door.

Why Choose GH’s CORE+ Stability Solution?

  • Cutting-edge operations.
  • Higher speeds and improved accuracy.
  • Increased productivity and improved safety.
  • Enhanced safety with drastically reduced chances of damage and injury.
  • Hassle-free operations.
  • Automatic sway reduction.


Core+ Stability: HOW IT WORKS
  1. Inputs and commands are received from a variable frequency drive: The CORE+ Stability model continuously receives the following inputs from a Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs):
    • Operator commands for acceleration or deceleration
    • Speed parameters for hoist movements
    • Vertical positioning of hook derived by the hoisting motor encoder
  2. CORE+ Stability exclusive built-in algorithms process the above input: The exclusive algorithm then determines the optimal acceleration or deceleration rates based on the above inputs.
  3. Relevant commands are delivered: The powerful CORE+ Stability system directs the VFDs on how to establish the required movements.

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