Good practices for safety systems in the company Gestamp in Abrera

Gestamp explains its good practices in the company in Abrera.

In this video, Daniel Pérez, HR Manager of the Gestamp group in Abrera, explains the 3 lines of work to guarantee safety in the handling of bridge cranes in their work processes:

  • Verticality. By means of laser detector, avoiding sideways movement of the load when it leaves the ground.
  • Safety zones in the plant. By identifying 3 different zones in the plant: A normal travel zone, a safe zone with slow speed operation and a collision zone, which the crane cannot access.
  • Permanent monitoring. Analysis of vibrations in the gearboxes and oil particle sensor.

With these guidelines, this Gestamp plant has been able to guarantee safety for the operators and optimise productivity by detecting any type of incident in the bridge cranes in advance, both in their movement and in the gearboxes, since this equipment is required for many hours of work each day.

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